Do you need someone in your corner, supporting you as a creative?

The Creative Mentorship is a one on one program with me, where we focus on your journey as a creative. Whether you are a poet, screen writer, novelist or a blogger, this is an opportunity to take yourself and your work seriously. I offer different length coaching programs, ranging from one hour with me, to an entire year by your side. I am there as you book doula, your muse, your support system as you reach for great heights. I also offer the online course, an opportunity to take your story seriously, take care of yourself, and create your art over six workshops. We need you fuck shit up, go out on your own, rebel against the norm and create your art, but it’s not always easy. That’s why I do what I do. So I can be by you side championing you, loving you, as you make a ruckus and make your art.

Click the links below for more info on both of my offerings.

Amie x